04 mei 2012

walking in the air

Ik volg de berichten van André Kuipers via Twitter, vandaag was er een link naar een 'timelapse' video van de aarde vanuit het ISS.

This video features a series of time lapse sequences photographed by the Expedition 30 crew aboard the International Space Station. Set to the song "Walking in the Air," by Howard Blake, the video takes viewers around the world, through auroras, and over dazzling lightning displays. The sequences are as follows:
:01 -- Stars over southern United States 
:08 -- US west coast to Canada 
:21 -- Central Europe to the Middle East 
:36 -- Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean 
:54 -- Storms over Africa 
1:08 -- Central United States 
1:20 -- Midwest United States 
1:33 -- United Kingdom to Baltic Sea 
1:46 -- Moonset 1:55 -- Northern United States to Eastern Canada 
2:12 -- Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean 
2:32 -- Comet Lovejoy 
2:53 -- Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay 
3:06 -- United Kingdom to Central Europe