20 september 2011

{Texture Tuesday} The Free & Easy eDition

Montmedy-Haut (Fr.), June 2011

All processing done in Gimp.
KK's Celebrate January is added twice on this photo, layer mode divide @60% and layer mode multiply @80%, added layer mask to remove some of the texture from the houses.
Font is Base05 (via "shadowhouse creations")

Here's how I started (sooc photo is already mirrored, cropped a little and resized and sharpened for the web):

More texture fun at Kim Klassen's café:

07 september 2011

{TextureTuesday} The Cracker Jack eDition

Two 'cracker jacks' and an 'autumn burst' on this one

All processing in Gimp:

1. SOOC (cropped to square), a dark rainy sunday afternoon

2. levels and some color enhancement

3. KK's Cracker Jack, overlay @ 50%

4. Another  KK's Cracker Jack,  hue @ 50%

5. Added some extra fun with KK's Autumn Burst, hard light @ 40%

6. needed a quote, type Zapfino italic and Utopia italic, layer mode: added grain @ 100%

More 'Cracker Jack' at KimKlassen's Cafe:

06 september 2011


rol met de muiscursor over de foto

Misschien ga ik ze voor boeksluitingen gebruiken